New Article From Active Directory Series in Current Issue 02/2021 of iX Magazine

In the latest issue of iX magazine (02/2021) you can find the next part of the series of articles about Active Directory security by Frank Ully, Chief Technical Officer of Oneconsult Deutschland GmbH. The sixth article picks up on the last (iX 12/2020) and penultimate (iX 11/2020) article of the series and describes further ways for attackers to gain higher privileges in the Active Directory beyond the possibilities explained so far.

GPO Hardening Baseline: The Most Important GPO Settings for Hardening

by Marco Wohler

Hardening systems is always an issue. Many who are only starting to deal with it are affected by a security incident. Oneconsult helps companies to manage such incidents. In various incidents as well as in customer projects, a variety of problems with hardening could be identified. On the one hand, there is often a shortage of resources to review and adapt the many guides, tips and standards. On the other hand, the infrastructure has often already grown without hardening playing a role. This makes it difficult to implement hardening measures “just quickly”, since afterwards – almost guaranteed – a service will no longer run properly.

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