The number of cyber attacks is steadily increasing. Once again, this is proven in the current issue of Zürichsee-Zeitung (30 March 2021, available in German only) featuring a family business that has been targeted by cybercriminals: A ransomware attack temporarily shut down their entire operation. Tobias Ellenberger, COO Oneconsult AG & Vice Chairman Oneconsult International AG, explains from the perspective of an experienced expert in this field why such attacks have become very common, what needs to be taken into account in the event of such an attack, and how a cyber security service provider can help companies prevent the worst case.

Learn more about how the ransomware attack and its mitigation went in case of the family business, and what approach is recommended in the the event of such an attack – both reactively and preventively: Cybercrime – How A Company Is Turned Upside Down by a Cyber Attack (in German only)

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