VMware vCenter Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability – CVE-2021-21972

by Nadia Meichtry

On 23 February 2021, VMware published a Security Advisory. It indicates that VMware vCenter Server is vulnerable to an RCE (Remote Code Execution) vulnerability that has been rated critical.

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New Article From Active Directory Series in Current Issue 02/2021 of iX Magazine

In the latest issue of iX magazine (02/2021) you can find the next part of the series of articles about Active Directory security by Frank Ully, Chief Technical Officer of Oneconsult Deutschland GmbH. The sixth article picks up on the last (iX 12/2020) and penultimate (iX 11/2020) article of the series and describes further ways for attackers to gain higher privileges in the Active Directory beyond the possibilities explained so far.

Sunburst Hack: SolarWinds Orion Compromise

by Nadia Meichtry

Since the beginning of this week, one topic has been hitting the headlines: SolarWinds Orion IT monitoring and management software is currently being exploited by malicious attackers.

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Straight Into the Corporate Network

by Fabian Murer

In information security circles, one topic has again been very present since last week: A vulnerability (CVE-2018-13379) in Fortinet’s well-known VPN software from 2019 is being actively exploited by hackers.

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Active Directory Article Series Continued in New Issue 12/2020 of iX Magazine

In the current issue of iX magazine 12/2020 Frank Ully, Chief Technical Officer of Oneconsult Deutschland GmbH, continues the previous article of the series and explains further methods how attackers can use previously collected data to gain higher privileges in the Active Directory.

SMEs as Targets of Cyber Attacks

As part of the KMU Digital Webinar Yves Kraft, Branch Manager and Senior Penetration Tester & Security Consultant, in cooperation with AXA demonstrated various threat scenarios for SMEs using multiple live hackings and explained why cyber security is becoming increasingly important for SMEs. [more]

Cover Story About Active Directory in Issue 10/2020 of iX Magazine

Read the cover story written by Frank Ully, Chief Technical Officer of Oneconsult Deutschland GmbH, in the current issue 10/2020 of iX magazine (available in German only) to learn more about the reasons why Active Directory is becoming increasingly popular not only with administrators but also with attackers. [more]

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Oneconsult is a member of FIRST

FIRST is a global network of incident response and security teams dedicated to promoting collaboration and coordination in this area and actively sharing information among members to respond more effectively to security incidents. FIRST has actually more than 550 members in 95 countries.
Further information about FIRST can be found here: https://www.first.org/
You will find information about our services in this area under the following link: https://www.oneconsult.com/de/incident-response-it-forensics/

On a digital search for clues

They are the Studers and Sherlock Holmes watchmen of the digital age: after attacks, IT forensic experts collect evidence and try to find out what the attackers are up to.

IT forensics article in Computerworld by Jens Stark, based on an interview with Tobias Ellenberger, Chief Operating Officer at Oneconsult. The article has also been published by com! magazine.
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it-sa 2018 a complete success!

Thank you for the many visits to our booth at the it-sa Nuremberg!

The curiosity and the fun to hack our chocolate safe were great. Congratulations to all who succeeded!


CIO Bulletin, September 2018: Oneconsult among the 10 Best Cyber Security Companies

According to CIO Bulletin, Oneconsult provides world-class cyber security services in the areas of Penetration Testing / Ethical Hacking, ISO 27001 Security Audits and Incident Response & IT Forensics.

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Cybersecurity quick check for SME

Cyberattacks are now part of our daily lives. SMEs must therefore have a way to quickly determine whether their technical, organisational and staff-related measures can protect them adequately against cyber-risks. A high-calibre group of specialists has therefore developed a quick-check for this purpose. Oneconsult supports this useful quick check. Further information 

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Cybersecurity quick check for SME

Advantages of the OSSTMM

OSSTMM – or in words – Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
Your advantages when using a de-facto standard for IT security assessments: OSSTMM trainer Yves Kraft’s (Oneconsult Bern) presentation on this topic