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For reasons of discretion, we do not list the names of our clients. However, we will be pleased to provide references and letters of recommendation following consultation with the organizations concerned.


Complete security review of the IT infrastructure

Cantonal Bank

Security scan of public IP addresses as well as firewall ruleset audit and WIFI audit

Hospital Group

Conducting a security audit including several technical audits, an architecture and design review as well as a workshop on security-related decisions for future products and services and extending the current infrastructure


Security audit of several aspects of a system landscape through WLAN auditing, a penetration test of the cash registers, an architecture review and social hacking as well as conducting an attack simulation

Hospital Group

Security scan of internal and external systems and audit of a client system. Analysis of process security and creation of a BCM workshop

Supplier of Coating Equipment

Comprehensive penetration test including wardriving, WLAN audit and Red Teaming; The network infrastructure was examined by means of a remote and internal security scan, a Wardriving and WLAN-Audit at one location and a Red Teaming

Consulting Company

Security Scan, WLAN audit and consulting regarding potential measures for a small company offering PMO services

Retail Group in the Convenience Food Sector

Audit of the entire IT infrastructure; penetration test of the externally and internally accessible systems, audit of the WLAN environment and awareness tests as well as audit of the mail server

Cantonal Bank

Annual security review of the internal and external networks, consisting of WLAN audit, penetration test of various critical infrastructure, security configuration review of the Active Directory, traffic analysis, security review of the PC workstation, application penetration test of an e-banking solution as well as an online mortgage tool, a DNS tunneling test, a penetration test on VoIP devices as well as advanced mail tests on the mail server

Manufacturer of Injection Systems

Audit of the independent network set up for external software developers. The audit focused on the impact of a compromised IoT device on the rest of the corporate network, the security of WLAN access, and the possibilities that a malicious software developer with extended rights would have

Cantonal Bank

IT security audit of central components by means of a privileged and unprivileged penetration test of the remote desktop/Citrix solution, the firewall configuration including the defined rules as well as a configuration review and penetration test of the WLANs used

Cantonal Bank

IT security audit with a check of the firewall configuration, as well as penetration tests of the available WLANs and the “Remote Desktop” solution

Clinic Group

Checking the external attack channels of a hospital using security scan of the servers accessible via the Internet, WLAN audit and advanced mail test

Insurance Company

Concept review and penetration test of the VoIP infrastructure, penetration test of the WLAN networks and VPN connection as well as a Windows client audit

Power Plant

Penetration test of a WLAN infrastructure with guest access as well as the corresponding PKI infrastructure

Cantonal Bank

Penetration test of a WLAN infrastructure with guest access

Energy Company

Internal and external security scan and penetration test of several server systems, design & architecture review of the network, WLAN audit, firewall rule set review and Windows 7 client audit

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