Over 400 organizations (including several Fortune Global 500 companies) in Europe and overseas and across all industries trust our vendor- and product-independent cyber security services.

For reasons of discretion, we do not list the names of our clients. However, we will be pleased to provide references and letters of recommendation following consultation with the organizations concerned.

Due to the increased sensitivity we do not state or list here any references of the 150+ projects in the fields of digital forensic examinations and expert’s reports.

The majority of our projects since 2003 is listed in the overview, which includes IT forensics projects in the context of company security trainings and concepts.



Physical inspection of the premises and assessment of structural measures with regard to physical security


Insurance Company

Red Teaming: Comprehensive attack simulation from the point of view of a compromised employee as well as an attacker with access to the internal network



Financial Service Provider

Red Teaming: Comprehensive attack simulation to check the implemented protective measures and the employee reaction



Penetration test of the perimeter as well as assessment of the email infrastructure and social engineering attacks


Cantonal Bank

Red Teaming: comprehensive attack simulation to evaluate the implemented protection measures as well as the reactivity of the SOC and physical social engineering at two locations


Federal Administration

Comprehensive security audit of a protected environment by means of physical social engineering, spear phishing, security scans & penetration tests and undercover hacking (ethical hacking) / Additional awareness training with live hacking for all employees and targeted training for technicians


Packaging Group

Red teaming: Holistic attack simulation to identify the possibilities of an attacker


Power Plant

Holistic IT security audit of a power plant including active and passive analysis of the critical infrastructure, penetration test against the building control system, review of potential risks through external attackers, on-site inspection of field stations, review of physical access protection as well as conceptual analysis of the security zones and the separation of operational technology networks


Media Group

Red teaming: Holistic attacker simulation with the goal of evaluating the implemented security measures of the customer



Aviation Industry

Comprehensive attack simulation to check the implemented technical protection measures and social engineering by e-mail and physically on site


Pharmaceutical Group

Ethical hacking of all internally accessible systems as well as phishing and social engineering, USB road apple and Windows client penetration test




Application security audits of various systems and basic social engineering via phishing e-mails and physical access tests



Financial Service Group

Social engineering (onsite assessment of the physical access protection at all main locations)