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Developing impact through consulting and realization

For reasons of discretion, we do not list the names of our clients. However, we will be pleased to provide references and letters of recommendation following consultation with the organizations concerned.


Support in the assessment of security risks, especially with regards to external third party risks

Private Bank

Security audit of two applications for data processing in the Azure cloud. Penetration test and code review of the applications, as well as a design review of the Azure infrastructure

Insurance Company

IT security audit of the internet-facing infrastructure of an insurance company

IT Service Provider

Awareness trainings for IT managers and simulation of a phishing campaign over 30 companies

IT Services Provider

Review ISDS concept and architecture & security design review including on-site workshop with the responsible persons

City Administration

Penetration test and code review of a software for the implementation of projects

Retail Group

Web application penetration test for an alternative payment method in a webshop

Insurance Group

Security scans of the Skype for Business infrastructure from the perspective of an external and internal attacker. Design review of the concept and selective check of the configuration whether the concept was implemented as intended

Media Group

Security audit of an audio live streaming infrastructure by means of an application penetration test, security scan, configuration and design review

Marketing Group

Security design and configuration review of a Google cloud and Terraform based infrastructure with multiple environments and applications

Energy Company

Audit of a telephony infrastructure from an internal and external perspective

Logistics Group

Audit of an email encryption service for sending sensitive content

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