Over 400 organizations (including several Fortune Global 500 companies) in Europe and overseas and across all industries trust our vendor- and product-independent cyber security services.

For reasons of discretion, we do not list the names of our clients. However, we will be pleased to provide references and letters of recommendation following consultation with the organizations concerned.

Due to the increased sensitivity we do not state or list here any references of the 200+ projects in the fields of digital forensic examinations and expert’s reports.

The majority of our projects since 2003 is listed in the overview, which includes IT forensics projects in the context of company security trainings and concepts.


Producer of Military Vehicles

Security scanner training of the international security team


Pension Fund

Security awareness speech (awareness training of the employees by a target group centric speech)



Research Center of an Automotive Manufacturer

Development project in IT security of vehicle telematics systems


Media Group (Print and E-Media)

Information security coaching (several sub-projects: conceptional security audit of the european country subsidiaries, development of the information security strategy, security awareness coaching and coaching of the client's project team)


Retail Group

Security training (presentation of hacking/security testing techniques and brief introduction of the OSSTMM)


Power Group

Security training (presentation of security testing techniques and the verification of detected vulnerabilities, short introduction to OSSTMM and hands on training)


Telecommunications Group

Nessus training (training of employees in configurating and using the security scanner Nessus and interpreting and verifying its results)



Trade Fair and Congress Company

Disaster recovery coaching (training and coaching the client's project team throughout the DR planning process, supplying templates for creating project-related documents, carrying out context-specific product and solution evaluations)


Energy Company (Electricity, Gas and Water)

Training staff as security testers, LAN/WAN security audit (workshop-based course over a number of days training various members of client's staff as security testers, followed by joint security audit in the client's LAN/WAN, coordinating and coaching the client's project team)


Hospital Group

Security awareness workshop (security awareness training for staff in a half-day workshop, held twice)



National Security Organization

Support and coaching of the client's project manager in the fields of system specification, project description, and evaluation criteria for the implementation of a complex network-based IT security solution and a security awareness project


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