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Developing impact through consulting and realization

For reasons of discretion, we do not list the names of our clients. However, we will be pleased to provide references and letters of recommendation following consultation with the organizations concerned.

Energy Company

Review of a smart meter authentication solution and consulting to improve mechanisms by means of a process and code review

Energy Provider

Comprehensive audit of a critical network infrastructure and the corresponding management applications by means of an architecture and configuration review as well as a penetration test and application penetration test. Additionally, a cyber incident exercise was executed with the NOC (Network Operations Center).

Tool Manufacturer

Penetration test of a new web service and review of the relevant configuration of the AWS infrastructure

Retail Group

Web application penetration test of a promotional website

Cantonal Bank

Configuration Review and Client Audit of the new Microsoft Teams and Zoom infrastructure

Internet Company

Web application penetration test and partial code review of a platform for buying, selling and renting real estates

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