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Developing impact through consulting and realization

For reasons of discretion, we do not list the names of our clients. However, we will be pleased to provide references and letters of recommendation following consultation with the organizations concerned.

Software Developer

Re-test web application penetration test and partial code review of an application from the banking sector

Tool Manufacturer

Penetration test of a CRUD API that can be used to create, modify and delete services

E-Bike Manufacturer

Web application penetration test of a Jira instance and a customized Magento web shop for B2B as well as a penetration test of two servers with SAP applications

Mobility Provider

Web application penetration test of a car dealer website and an appointment management system


Review of a ransomware protection by simulating an encryption Trojan

Tool Manufacturer

Acting as an external security analyst to bridge a shortage of staff in the SOC of an international tool manufacturer

Retail Group

Web application penetration test of a campaign website including a browser game

Insurance Group

Web application penetration test of a web application from the perspective of an employee

Private Bank

Web application penetration test of a website for publishing information about employee and customer events

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