Strengthen your IT security over a longer period of time through guaranteed access to our team of experts for virtual security officer services or for specific IT security tasks.

Secure timely access to our pool of information and IT security experts

Having experienced security specialists at your disposition at the right time can be a challenge.

We provide you with the option of getting privileged access to our expert team when and where you need it, irrespective of whether you need a dedicated or virtual security officer (full or part time) to bridge a vacant position or permanent, have to carry out penetration tests on a regular basis, write up information security policies, develop individual exploiting software for training purposes, wish implementation guidance or handle IT forensics cases.

To address these issues and meet your specific needs, Oneconsult offers various tried and tested service packages.

Key benefits:

  • Privileged treatment
  • Guaranteed access to expert pool
  • Simplified handling of projects
  • Dedicated single point of contact
  • Customized service packages
  • Discounted pricing
Service Packages

We offer basic and advanced service packages. The basic security service package covers the most common information and IT security tasks such as technical security audits, policy write-up, concept reviews, security awareness, etc. Advanced security service packages cover specialized services which require highly sophisticated skills and (certified) tools.

Depending on the project task, we assign appropriate personnel from our team of security experts, and will give VIP treatment when doing resource planning. You will get a dedicated single point of contact who takes care of your requests, ensuring efficient and smooth project management.

You will receive monthly reports on used and remaining days of your security service package. Pricing of service packages depends on the package type, agreed number of man days in a year and preferred payment option (advance or monthly payment).

We offer the following security service packages:

Basic Security Service Package: Virtual Security Officer

The basic security service package provides security responsibles like CIO, CRO, CISO  and CSO, etc. with a flexible, expert workforce covering activities such as:

IT Forensics Service Package

The digital forensics service package is an advanced service offering and provides you with fast access to our certified forensic security experts in cases such as data theft, fraud, malware infection, hacker attack, etc. Activities include:

  • Forensic data acquisition
  • Forensic investigation
  • Forensic consulting and customized training
Exploit Development Package

Often a visual demonstration of the effect of vulnerable applications and systems may be an eye-opener for decision makers and increases security awareness in your organization.

Working with malicious exploits is often forbidden by internal policies and usually not suited given the potential risk of a contamination. Oneconsult develops customized PoC exploitation software. These exploits do not have a malicious payload and may therefore be used as a proof of concept without harm to respective systems or applications.

In the exploit development package we develop exploits based on your specific requirements.

Security Officer Services Expertise

Since 2003 our certified security auditors have conducted more than 1400  penetration test projects (1100 of which OSSTMM-compliant) as well as over 150 standard-based security audits, and have supported more than 40 organizations in developing security policies and guidelines. Furthermore, our team has carried out over 200 digital forensics projects.

Over a dozen companies and international groups already make use of the security service packages and regularly renew it. Our clients value us as a reliable, trustworthy and professional IT security partner.

For definitions of information and IT security terms please refer to our glossary.