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Comprehensive Security Testing of Your Assets

Imagine you are standing by a river, and you know that gold is hidden in the vast amounts of sand and gravel. But finding it all is almost impossible. You need the right tools, know-how, and experience. This is how it is with our penetration tests. We love the challenge of cybersecurity and systematically analyze everything that is networked, whether application, cloud, control or production system (ICS: SCADA/DCS), security system, IoT device, aircraft, power plant, or train. We rarely find gold, but we do find the vulnerabilities in your systems that hackers would otherwise turn into gold.

Every company has a unique IT infrastructure and needs a security audit specifically designed for it. Oneconsult has tested just about everything that is networked. Our penetration testers are proficient in the latest hacking methods, which are also used by cyber criminals. After the penetration test, you will receive a comprehensive final report in which the detected vulnerabilities, including a risk assessment and tailor-made proposals for measures to be taken, are listed according to the target group, so that you can optimally protect your systems against hacker attacks and thus ensure and increase your cyber resilience.

  • Systematic identification of technical weaknesses
  • Safety tests of any networked components and systems
  • Test from outsider and/or insider perspective (with or without valid access data)
  • White, gray, or black box approach, where you provide us with all the necessary to (almost) no information about the object of investigation
  • Tests from the Internet or on the internal network
  • Renowned test methods
  • Development of additional protective measures
  • Documentation tailored to the target group, including proposed measures to be taken

Proactively Protect Your IT Assets with Penetration Testing

The following techniques are used in penetration testing:

  • Combination of semiautomatic vulnerability scans and manual testing
  • Manual verification of security vulnerabilities
  • Review of security configurations, designs, and code
  • Identification of misconfigurations
  • Network and packet analysis
  • API monitoring
  • Reverse engineering

You will find the explanations of terms in our glossary.


After completion of the test activities, you will receive a detailed final report oriented toward the target group, which includes the following information:

  • Management summary
  • Project goals
  • Framework conditions
  • Findings (security vulnerabilities including risk categorization)
  • Recommended measures to be taken
  • Optional: raw data

Usually, the results are explained and discussed in detail during the final meeting or the final presentation.
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We break into your company. You determine the question to be answered: Can I be hacked (red teaming) or will my team react correctly (blue teaming)? Or should the focus be on the interaction of offense and defense together with our ethical hackers (purple teaming)?

Systematic testing of your assets: Whether application, cloud, control or production system (ICS: SCADA/DCS), security system, aircraft, power plant, or train. We love the challenge and hack anything that is networked.

Your fire department for cybersecurity incidents. When there’s a fire, every second counts. Our computer security incident response team (CSIRT) provides competent support in correctly responding to ransomware, hacker attacks, and the like, and coordinates all involved agencies on request. Oneconsult extinguishes every cyber fire with you, so that you can concentrate on your daily business again.

Your fire investigators for digital incidents. After a security incident, our IT forensic experts systematically search for digital traces in a way that is suitable for court and clarify questions about how and why the incident occurred.

Your cybersecurity hub for security novices and professionals. Experienced trainers impart their expertise for people and companies that make the world safer – cutting-edge, practical, and oriented toward the target group. Increase the security awareness of your employees, achieve difficult certifications, develop secure software, or become an ethical hacker together with the Oneconsult Security Academy.

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Private individuals please contact your trusted IT service provider or the local police station.

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