Effective Identification and Remediation of Vulnerabilities

Imagine that your vulnerability scanner is the radar of a ship.  The reliable navigator shows potential dangers in advance and guides safely through the seas. But sometimes, it is like a flood of endless messages, and setting a course becomes almost impossible. At Oneconsult, we support you in sorting, prioritizing and managing these waves of vulnerability reports.

Vulnerability management is a proactive approach to identifying, assessing and eliminating vulnerabilities in IT systems and applications. To protect against constantly changing cyber threats, it is essential to continuously check one’s own infrastructure for vulnerabilities and optimize it. Our vulnerability management process includes holistic support.  We help from the conceptual design to the implementation, maintenance and updating of your vulnerability management infrastructure, including selecting suitable tools and service providers.

Your Advantages

  • Manual review of the findings
  • Customized reporting
  • Appropriate communication at all levels
  • Targeted recommendations for measures
  • Central platform for security activities from various sources
  • Categorization and prioritization of vulnerabilities
  • Tracking of vulnerabilities and their remediation progress
  • Integration of threat intelligence
  • Initiated re-test

Our Vulnerability Management Services

Vulnerability Management
IT Infrastructure

We continuously monitor your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities with customized vulnerability scans and expert assessments. This protects you from hacker attacks and ensures you always have an overview of your systems.

Vulnerability Management
Web Applications

Protect your IT infrastructure as well as your web applications. We use customized tools and scripts to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities. You will also benefit from our in-depth expertise in web application penetration testing.

Vulnerability Management
OT Infrastructure

Operational Technology (OT) infrastructures require extra protection to ensure the functioning of systems, equipment or production facilities. We assess the security of your OT environment, adapt the tools, and integrate them into your management platform so that you always have an overview of any vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

Do you collect results from security tests and bug bounty programs in multiple locations in different software and have difficulty consolidating and tracking them? Our service offers the solution: a way to stay in control, save time and optimize resources. We take care of monitoring, vulnerability assessment, ticket management and reporting.

Our Vulnerability Management – Methods & Dashboard

As part of our vulnerability management services, you get access to a dashboard where you can view detailed information about the status of your system environment at any time. You have the following options via the dashboard:

  • Customized reporting according to target group
  • Listing of verified and non-verified vulnerabilities
  • Measures for vulnerability groups
  • Integration of ticketing systems such as JIRA, ServiceNow etc.
  • Creation of quarterly reports


Every company has a unique IT and/or OT infrastructure and a wide variety of applications. The standard settings of the programs are, therefore, not sufficient. Accordingly, a vulnerability management system configured specifically for you is required to achieve an optimal and efficient effect. Oneconsult has many years of proven experience in the configuration and application of various vulnerability management solutions and knows where the challenges lie.

Why Oneconsult Is Your Specialist for Vulnerability Management

  • We have been offering cybersecurity services as our core competence for over 20 years. Every day, we find, analyze and evaluate vulnerabilities and derive appropriate measures.
  • The Oneconsult team holds recognized certifications for ISO/IEC standards 27001, 27005 and 27035 as well as CISSP, CISM, various SANS certifications, OPSA, OPST, CEH and many more!
  • We use proven methods, such as SSVC, EPSS, CVSS and OSSTMM, to assess, categorize and prioritize vulnerabilities.
  • Our satisfied and long-standing customers are the best proof of our service quality.
  • Passion for cybersecurity: We love what we do and enjoy sharing our knowledge.
  • We set ourselves the highest quality standards and are convinced that we can only successfully combat cyber threats with teamwork – together against cyberattacks.

The foundation for your security is continuous vulnerability management. Increase your cyber resilience with us and react to cyberattacks based on facts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Vulnerability Management

Customized vulnerability management provides you with an overview of the current security status of your IT systems at all times. With today’s cyber threats, random checks such as penetration tests are no longer sufficient to protect against digital dangers. Vulnerability management forms the basis of your cybersecurity and optimally complements activities such as a bug bounty program. A professional vulnerability analysis allows you to identify the fundamental problems in your security system and initiate targeted improvement measures. It also provides you with valuable information in the event of a cyber incident.

Oneconsult is guided by international standards such as ISO/IEC, NIST, and national standards such as the ICT minimum standard of the FOBL (CH) or BSI-Grundschutz (DE). Regardless of whether you already have a vulnerability management system or would like to acquire one, we start with a comprehensive situation analysis. We then define clear objectives and select the appropriate tool, taking into account your industry, requirements and legal framework. We then start with a Proof of Value (POV) to ensure that the continuous reviews do not interfere with your day-to-day business. Finally, we work together on important configurations, settings and a customized reporting for you.

Conventional vulnerability management is often standardized and poorly adapted to your needs. Also, the software output is often passed on unchanged without having the resources for a meaningful analysis or handling false positives and negatives. Oneconsult specifically addresses the most important points from your customers’ experiences to make life easier for security specialists. We either use your existing tools or jointly evaluate the optimal solution that we manage for you to report only the relevant vulnerabilities and measures. This saves you time and money, while you retain full control over all results.

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