Falsch gesetzte User-Berechtigungen: Hacker’s Paradise

by Marco Wohler

There are different strategies and means to protect a server or client against attacks from inside or outside. This article in German deals with file and folder rights, since these are often neglected. [more]

16-05-2017: Hacking Day 2017 (Digicomp, Zurich) – Oneconsult presentations

At Hacking Day 2017, Oneconsult employees Fabian Gonzalez und Yves Kraft will present three interesting, hands-on topics: “Auswirkungen von physischen Angriffen – DirectMemory-Attacken”, “Switzerland’s next Bug Bounty Hacker «Hands-On»” and “Das Grundrauschen in unserer Umgebung – Reverse Engineering von Funksignalen mit Software Defined Radio”.