Das Grundrauschen in unserer Umgebung – Reverse Engineering von Funksignalen mit Software Defined Radio (SDR) (Video Oneconsult Vortrag)

In this talk in German also held at the Digicomp Hacking Day 2017, Yves Kraft (Branch Manager Bern, Senior Penetration Tester & Security Consultant at Oneconsult AG) illustrates how radio signals of everyday objects are analyzed. [more]

Systematic Password Cracking: Smart Approaches Easily Explained (Video: Oneconsult Talk)

In this presentation, viewers learn many new things from Immanuel Willi (Senior Security Consultant & Penetration Tester at Oneconsult AG) about hashes, hash functions and smart cracking approaches. A seemingly complex subject is explained from the ground up.

Video: https://youtu.be/BjxADgOnWHA