BadUSB – Gain access in less than 15 seconds

by Immanuel Willi

Many IT security trade media and blogs focus on popular attack vectors such as phishing or the “OWASP Top 10”. Physical attacks that require direct access to a device are given less attention. Accordingly, many users think they are secure when the notebook hard disk is encrypted and the Windows desktop is locked. But they are wrong! [read the German article]

18-01-2018: Security Forum Brandenburg: Blockchain – sicher? (Oneconsult speech)

Frank Ully (Penetration Tester & Security Consultant, Oneconsult Deutschland GmbH) explains in his exciting presentation in German the basics of Blockchain, names application areas and highlights the security aspects.

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18-01-2018: SIGS – IT Security Strategy 2018: Phishing – one click away from disaster (Oneconsult speech)

by Severin Wischmann

While operating systems and their default software like browsers getting more and more secure, hackers rely on users being the vulnerability. Social engineering, the art of creating a scenario where a person behaves as the attacker intends him/her to do, is used in various scenarios, such as the so-called CFO fraud or a phishing campaign. [more]