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BSI Classifies Oneconsult as a Qualified APT Response Service Provider

In 2023, Oneconsult has been added to the official list of qualified APT response service providers of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This list helps organizations select suitable providers for IT forensic services and cyber incidents.

Qualified Incident Response Service Providers – A Necessity

The qualification process, which began last year, was successfully completed in December 2023 and Oneconsult is now on the BSI’s list of APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) response service providers. The BSI specialists conducted a multi-stage assessment of our suitability. The scope of the services offered, as well as our technical and professional expertise, played a determining role in this process. The criteria for qualified APT response service providers can be found on the BSI’s website.

The BSI lists qualified service providers for a clear reason: the number of cyberattacks on public and private organizations is constantly increasing, and when selecting suitable service providers, organizations seeking help need to be able to compare them. The list helps them use objective criteria to compare which services they would like to place particular value on.

Together Against Cyberattacks

We are delighted with the BSI’s decision and feel that our strategy of OCINT-CSIRT and Incident Response Services has been confirmed: It is important to act immediately and professionally. National borders must not play a role in this. In this way, we ensure that sufficient resources are available to combat a cyberattack. Our OCINT-CSIRT is made up of experts from Germany and Switzerland as required – always in line with our mission: Together against Cyberattacks.

However, the list of APT response service providers does not include any information about their ability to support the implementation of preventive measures. Nevertheless, these are essential and should not be neglected as part of an effective defense against cyberattacks.

Preparation for Cyber Incidents

For an initial evaluation of how prepared your company is for cyber incidents, we provide a free 360-degree checklist with instructions. You can use this to gauge how well your organization is currently positioned. The figures on cyber incidents speak for themselves: those who invest in advance will save significantly more money over time, as BITKOM proved back in 2016:

Source: BITKOM e.V., Leitfaden – Kosten eines Cyber-Schadensfalles, p. 33.

For this reason, we not only provide organizations with comprehensive support in the event of a cyberattack, but also in advance. This saves time and money while also avoiding unnecessary stress.

Do you have any questions about our services? Then book a non-binding consultation. Our team is available to assist you with prevention, including incident response exercises, as well as with responding to cyber incidents.

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Published on: 15.05.2024


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Johann Rabbow

Johann Rabbow is Head of Digital Forensics and Incident Response at Oneconsult Deutschland AG.


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