Ransomware Training

Be equipped against ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Training

Ransomware attacks are a constant threat to any business, regardless of its size. The potential costs are enormous and can even threaten a company’s existence. However, the material and non-material consequences of an effective attack are often underestimated.

In order to be optimally prepared and save time and money in the event of a ransomware attack, Oneconsult offers a half-day ransomware training. The training is tailored to both the target group and the industry. At the end of the training, you receive the training materials.

Learning Objectives / Content

Depending on the target group, the following goals are pursued, for example:

  • Increasing employee awareness of ransomware incidents through clear and understandable training.
  • Preparing IT, CERT and CSIRT for ransomware incidents. After the training, participants should know how to react and what immediate measures they can take.
  • Explaining to mid-level management what happens when ransomware occurs and that it is not just a problem for the IT department.
  • Explaining to senior management that it is not just the IT department that needs to be prepared for ransomware. You, as the decision maker, also have a very important role.


  • Location: Oneconsult (Zurich, Bern, Munich) or as a company course on site.
  • Duration: 2 units of 4 hours each
  • Cost: 7000 CHF excl. VAT
  • Target Group: The Ransomware Training is directed to C-level, IT and OT departments as well as internal SOC/CSIRT/CERT.


Act now and protect your company from Ransomware! Book our Ransomware Training today and raise your employees’ awareness for possible attacks.

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