Straight Into the Corporate Network

by Fabian Murer

In information security circles, one topic has again been very present since last week: A vulnerability (CVE-2018-13379) in Fortinet’s well-known VPN software from 2019 is being actively exploited by hackers.

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24 November 2020: Web Seminar on Penetration Testing

On 24 November, the “ZD.B Themenplattform Cybersecurity” will host a web seminar on penetration testing together with the “Sicherheitsnetzwerk München”. Together with three other experts from the industry, Frank Ully, CTO of Oneconsult Deutschland GmbH, will explain for which organisations such tests are useful, what is the current technical standard of testing and what needs to be considered when selecting the right testers. Following the short talks, you will have the chance to direct your questions to the experts.

The web seminar will take place on 24 November from 16:00 to 17:30.

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Active Directory Article Series Continued in New Issue 12/2020 of iX Magazine

In the current issue of iX magazine 12/2020 Frank Ully, Chief Technical Officer of Oneconsult Deutschland GmbH, continues the previous article of the series and explains further methods how attackers can use previously collected data to gain higher privileges in the Active Directory.

DFIR, Simple: Behind the Link – a Look Into the Dark

by Gregor Wegberg

Unwanted emails, SMS and other digital messages, also known as “spam”, are tiresome and unpleasant but also part of our everyday digital life. Nowadays, we all regularly receive unwanted messages (spam) that are not just advertising, but deliberately try to trick us into an action that can have far-reaching consequences.

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01 December 2020: ESE Congress – From Fuzzing to Exploiting IoT Devices

Rafael Scheel, CEO Oneconsult Deutschland GmbH, will give a talk about “From Fuzzing to Exploiting IoT Devices – How to Quickly Detect and Fix Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Using Fuzzing” (in German) at this year’s Embedded Software Engineering (ESE) Congress.

The ESE Congress will be held as an online conference this year.
Rafael Scheel’s talk will take place on 01 December from 15:40 to 16:20.

Please see the ESE Congress website for further information and registration.