Hacking Together

Hacking into a company together.

Hacking Together

Like an adventure game, you attack a fictitious company together with a cyber security expert from Oneconsult. You slip into the role of an attacker and think like them. Using interactive software, participants decide which steps to take next by voting. Can we manage to infiltrate the Windows domain together?

Through playful learning with gamification effect, the participants are shown which potential vulnerabilities and gateways exist in a company and how cyber criminals can exploit them.

Learning Objectives

  • You will learn about different forms of social engineering.
  • You will know which channels can be used to obtain information (about companies, people, IT systems, etc.).
  • You will know the five most important characteristics for recognizing phishing and spear phishing mails.
  • You will know which techniques are used to attack IT systems.


  • Location: on-site or online
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Target Group: “Hacking Together” is aimed at all employees. In the case of a specialist audience (e.g., IT team), the procedure and the tools used can be discussed in more detail.


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