Live Hacking Demo

How does a hacker do it? Let us show you.

Live Hacking Demo

Learn how hackers typically infiltrate computer systems to steal data or manipulate systems. Our cyber security specialists will show you various attack techniques and tools such as phishing, social engineering, vulnerability scans and malware infections.

Experience live, how these attacks are executed and learn what measures to take to avoid them. Our Live Hacking Demos are designed to help organizations and employees become aware of the daily cyber threats they face and how they can better protect their systems and data.

The Live Hacking Demos are scenario-based and can often be combined with each other:

  • Phishing
  • Bypassing 2-factor authentication
  • Cracking passwords
  • BadUSB
  • Infection with Ransomware
  • RAM read/overwrite with DMA
  • IoT hacking
  • Attacks on (web) applications
  • Attacks on Active Directory & Azure
  • DeepFakes and VoiceCloning
  • And many more…


  • Location: on-site or online
  • Duration: By prior agreement, usually 60-90 minutes.
  • Target Group: The Live Hacking Demos can be adapted to the target audience. While suitable for all employees, they can also be tailored to the specific background of a specialist audience (e.g., IT team).


Book a Live Hacking Demo to get insights into the world of hackers and learn how to increase your IT security! Fill out the form now and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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