Practical Security Scanning

Vulnerability management finally in check.

Practical Security Scanning

The 2-day Practical Security Scanning Training is an IT security training in which participants learn and apply the tools, attack methods and ethical principles necessary for a vulnerability scan.

In this course, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge of the latest methods and technologies that are important for successful vulnerability scans. The theoretical knowledge is applied and refined in practical exercises to ensure that participants acquire the practical skills they need to keep their own infrastructures secure. The focus is on practical implementation, but hardening measures are also covered.


  • Network protocols
  • Security testing basics
  • Ethics and method
  • Procedure and tools (e.g., Wireshark, nmap, netcat under Kali-Linux or Windows alternatives like zenmap)
  • Practical exercises
  • Analysis and evaluation

Learning Objectives

After the Practical Security Scanning Training, participants will be able to

  • identify the attack methods,
  • perform a vulnerability scan with the appropriate tools,
  • independently check their own infrastructures with vulnerability scans,
  • interpret the results, and
  • take appropriate measures.

Target Group

This training is designed for security testers, security auditors, security consultants, security engineers, network engineers and system administrators who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in IT security. It is designed for individuals but can also be set up as a company course.


  • Location: Mägenwil
  • Duration: 2 days


Enrich your knowledge of vulnerability scanning and get a comprehensive introduction to the latest methods and technologies. Book the 2-day Practical Security Scanning Training today and put your theoretical knowledge into practice to effectively secure your infrastructures. The training is organized in cooperation with Alltron.

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Company Course

Do you want to book the Practical Scanning Training for all employees at your company? Oneconsult develops and organizes courses adapted to the needs of your company. Contact us for an individual offer.

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