Incident Response Training

Responding correctly to a cyber incident and implementing targeted immediate actions.

Incident Response Training

Our Incident Response Training is a comprehensive training program designed to help organizations effectively manage security incidents. As cyber attacks and data breaches become more common, it is vital that organizations have a well-trained team capable of responding quickly and appropriately to such incidents.

Our training provides a hands-on approach to prepare participants for real-world scenarios. It includes both theoretical background and practical exercises to strengthen participants’ skills in the areas of detection, response, containment, and recovery. The training is conducted by experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in incident response, forensics and security management.

The aim of the training is to prepare the participants as incident responders. Afterwards, they know how to react to a cyber incident and which immediate measures need to be implemented.


Depending on the target audience and course objective, the following topics, for example, are trained:

  • Incident response process
  • Roles and tasks
  • Status meetings
  • Obligations to report and provide information
  • Introduction to common tools (e.g., KAPE, Velociraptor, EZ Tools)
  • Analysis of e-mails and attachments
  • Malware analysis
  • Log analysis
  • Memory analysis


  • Location: Oneconsult (Zurich, Bern, Munich) or as a company course on site
  • Duration: starting from 1 day
  • Target Group: IT Department, Internal CSIRT / SOC Team, Emergency Response Team


Book our Incident Response Training today and strengthen your organization against cyber attacks! We look forward to hearing from you.

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