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Become a Proven Web App Penetration Tester With the Web Security Academy

What are the most common security vulnerabilities in web applications? What does an attacker need to do to find and exploit them? And how can developers protect their web applications against them? Answers to these questions as well as practical hands-on examples are provided by PortSwigger’s Web Security Academy.


DFIR, Simple: Track Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware has long been on everyone’s mind and part of daily news coverage. Oneconsult’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response specialists are regularly asked to present background information on such cyber attacks, discuss them and address the current threat situation. A central element is to show that all industries, company sizes and private individuals are affected by ransomware attacks and the associated risks.


BGP Hijacking – Data on the Run

From time to time, ships are blown off course, wrecked or, in the worst case, sink together with their cargo. The same can happen to the data that is sent over the Internet every day: It can deviate from its usual route and reach its destination in a big detour, but it can also end up with the wrong recipient altogether and thus be lost to the actual target – usually unintentionally, but in some cases also intentionally.

Alert Fatigue

Alert Fatigue – Risks and Measures

Alert fatigue refers to the phenomenon of cyber analysts being overloaded by the high number of alerts issued by security tools. This can lead to analysts overlooking or even ignoring alerts that indicate real attacks in the flood of false positives. This puts the security of the company in question at risk. Find out what the exact risks are and what measures you can take against them here.


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