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Die Sicherheit des eigenen Active Directory (AD) verbessern

Improve the Security of Your Own Active Directory (AD)

The vast majority of companies nowadays use Windows and therefore Active Directory. The default settings are often designed for functionality rather than security. Also, when an environment has grown over the years, misconfigurations can easily creep in. In addition, weak passwords also compromise its security. All this can make it easy for attackers once initial access to the Active Directory is gained.


SCION – A Panacea Against DDoS Attacks?

So-called DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) on IT infrastructures are on the rise – even authorities and critical infrastructures are affected. Can the SCION technology developed in Switzerland prevent the shutdown of Internet services in the future?

SQL-Injection verstehen, erkennen und verhindern

SQL Injection: Detection and Prevention

SQL injections are a widespread type of vulnerability in websites, which have high damaging potential. This article is exactly about this type of injections and shows what they are, why they can occur and how they can be fixed.


Security in CI and CD: How to Master the OWASP Top 10 Risks

Continous Integration (CI) and Continous Deployment (CD) have become important components of software engineering in recent years. Automation enables development teams to deploy new features and updates quickly and efficiently. However, the use of CI/CD also poses some security risks that must be considered. The OWASP Top 10 CI/CD Security Risks provide an overview of the most common risks and suggests ways to overcome them.


Passwords: Common Mistakes, Best Practices & Tips

May 4, 2023 is World Password Day. This day takes place every year on the first Thursday in May and aims to raise awareness about the importance of secure passwords. The aim is to educate about best practices in password management and encourage people to take steps to improve the security of their online accounts.


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