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The 360 Degree Checklist to Manage Cyber Incidents

Preparation with a comprehensive checklist is central to managing a cyber incident. To ensure that nothing is forgotten during the stressful situation, all departments of a company must be informed about their tasks and duties in advance.


Fake Profiles on LinkedIn

It’s hard to imagine today’s business world without LinkedIn as a social platform. Whether it’s sharing posts, networking with business partners, or acquiring new talent, LinkedIn is often the tool of choice. True to the idea of see and be seen. Anyone who wants to be successful strives for attention, recognition, and reach. This phenomenon also attracts scammers who take advantage of members’ open disclosure. Such fake profiles can have unpleasant consequences for companies. Find out what these consequences are and how you can protect yourself from them in this article.


Batch File Obfuscation Incident

Attackers use batch files to automate and speed up their work because they allow the execution of multiple commands. This way, the attacker does not need to provide any manual input but just needs to execute the malicious script on the victim’s system.


An Introduction to Batch File Obfuscation

Batch files are an essential tool many users and administrators use to perform automated tasks. However, attackers also use these batch files to execute malicious commands on a system. To avoid detection by antivirus software, batch files are obfuscated.


DFIR, simple – Analysis of PDF Files

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are used on a daily basis both in the working world and by private individuals. This also makes them a popular tool for cybercriminals to use in phishing attacks. They allow direct execution of scripts that can reload additional malware.


DFIR, Simple: Track Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware has long been on everyone’s mind and part of daily news coverage. Oneconsult’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response specialists are regularly asked to present background information on such cyber attacks, discuss them and address the current threat situation. A central element is to show that all industries, company sizes and private individuals are affected by ransomware attacks and the associated risks.


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