IoT Security Hacks Hands-On

Become an expert in IoT security.

IoT Security Hacks Hands-On

The IoT Security Hacks Hands-On Training provides a hands-on approach to dive into the topic of IoT security. With hands-on exercises, you will learn how to work through common IoT device attack vectors in a practical way and understand the IoT threat landscape. The best way to understand IoT security challenges is to experience and overcome them in a secure environment.

In this training, you will learn not only how to prevent attacks on IoT devices, but also how to detect and defend against potential threats. Through hands-on exercises and demonstrations, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the complex security threats IoT devices face.


Practical exercises accompanied by short blocks of theory will give you a practical understanding of the topic of IoT security.


  • IoT Threat Landscape
  • Threat Modeling
  • IoT Security Testing Methodology

Network Hacking

  • Analysis of network protocols
  • Exploiting Zero-Configuration Networking

Hardware Hacking

  • UART, JTAG and SWD Exploitation
  • SPI and I2C
  • Firmware Hacking and Firmware Reverse Engineering

Fun Hacking

  • Short-range radio: misuse of RFID
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Medium-range radio: Wi-Fi hacking
  • Long-range radio: LPWAN, LoRa-WAN

Attacks on the IoT ecosystem

  • Attacks on mobile application
  • Smart homes hacking

Learning Objectives

After the IoT Security Hacks Hands-On Training, you will be able to:

  • describe the threat landscape of IoT devices,
  • describe the common network protocols in the IoT environment,
  • perform network-based attacks on IoT devices,
  • explain which hardware components are often built into IoT devices and how they are vulnerable to attacks via debugging and maintenance interfaces,
  • name the most commonly used radio frequencies in IoT,
  • perform simple attacks in the radio domain,
  • Enumerate attacks on the IoT ecosystem, and
  • Demonstrate attack surfaces using mobile apps.

Target Group

This training is intended for information security managers, information systems architects, security testers, security consultants, security engineers, network engineers, system administrators, and those interested in IoT hacking. It is designed for individuals but can also be set up as a company course.


  • Location: Bern, Basel, Zurich
  • Duration: 3 Days


Immerse yourself in the IoT Security Hacks Hands-On Training and learn how to work through common IoT device attack vectors and understand the IoT threat landscape. Experience IoT security challenges in a secure environment and overcome them with hands-on exercises. The training is organized in cooperation with digicomp.

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Company Course

Would you like to book the IoT Security Hacks Hands-On Training for all of your employees? Oneconsult develops and organizes courses tailored to the needs of your company. Contact us for an individual offer.

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