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Malware analysis – Basics

by Severin Wischmann

This is the first installment in a multi-part series about malware and how to analyze it. The article discusses the basics of malware. In further articles of this series, different facets of the analysis will be examined in detail. [read the German article]

04.07.2019 / Java-Forum in Stuttgart

Presentation: “Beyond OWASP Top 10 – Über welche Schwachstellen werden Webanwendungen angegriffen, wenn die wesentlichen Grundlagen der OWASP Top 10 abgesichert sind? Fälle aus der Praxis”. Speaker is Senior Penetration Tester & Security Consultant Frank Ully.

01.07.2019 / (IoT) Safety & Security – Challenges in the Embedded Market in München

Presentation: “How (not) to trust your devices” by Senior Penetration Tester, IT-Forensiker & Security Researcher Rafael Scheel.

22.05.19 / IT-Sicherheitskongress of BSI in Bonn

Presentation about “PowerShell in der Post Exploitation – Grundlagen, Angriffe, Forensik, Verteidigung”. Speaker: Senior Penetration Tester & Security Consultant Frank Ully.

New version of OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) available

by Alex Wettstein

The Open Web Application Security Projekt – better known as OWASP, is a manufacturer independent non-profit-Organization with the aim of making (web) applications more secure.

One of their flagship projects is the «Application Security Verification Standard», better known as ASVS. Version 4 of ASVS was released today. This article explains the ASVS and how it can support you as the person responsible for IT Security in your daily duties within your enterprise. [read the German article]

On a digital search for clues

They are the Studers and Sherlock Holmes watchmen of the digital age: after attacks, IT forensic experts collect evidence and try to find out what the attackers are up to.

IT forensics article in Computerworld by Jens Stark, based on an interview with Tobias Ellenberger, Chief Operating Officer at Oneconsult. The article has also been published by com! magazine.
Read the article in German

it-sa 2018 a complete success!

Thank you for the many visits to our booth at the it-sa Nuremberg!

The curiosity and the fun to hack our chocolate safe were great. Congratulations to all who succeeded!