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15-10-2019: Visit us at the Swiss Cyber Storm 2019 (Bern)

Cyber security expert Oneconsult AG is again sponsoring the international IT security conference Swiss Cyber Storm, taking place on 15 October 2017 in Bern. Visit us at our booth and find out more about our core services tailored to your specific requirements: penetration tests / ethical hacking (incl. real-life APT tests), ISO 27001 security audits and Digital Forensics & Incident Response (24 h x 365 days). [more]

Visit the Oneconsult booth at the it-sa in Nuremberg

The it-sa – Europe’s leading trade fair for IT security – will take place this year from 08.10.- 10.10.2019 in Nuremberg. Visit the booth of Oneconsult. The top motivated exhibition team is looking forward to your visit.

(In)secure passwords – Part 2: Results of a password quality audit

by Sandro Affentranger

This is the second article on passwords. Recommendations for strong passwords have hardly changed over the years. Only recently it has become clear that the recommendations made so far have created certain patterns that can be exploited by attackers – this has led to a paradigm shift in password policies. This article presents the results of a Password Quality Audit carried out by Oneconsult at an international industrial company. [read the German article]

15.10.2019 / Web Developer Conference in Hamburg

Presentation with the title”Wie APIs angegriffen werden und wie Entwickler sicher entwickeln können – am Beispiel von Node.js” by Senior Penetration Tester & Security Consultant Frank Ully.

24.09.2019 / Stralsunder IT-Sicherheitskonferenz

Presentation: “PowerShell in der Post Exploitation – Grundlagen, Angriffe, Forensik, Verteidigung“, speaker: Senior Penetration Tester & Security Consultant Frank Ully.

(In)secure passwords – Part 1: Paradigm shift in password policies

by Sandro Affentranger

This is the first instalment in a two-part series about passwords. Passwords have become indispensable these days. For a long time the recommendation was to make passwords as complex as possible – but lately this has changed: “Long instead of complex” is the new motto. This article introduces the topic and explains why passwords play such an important role. It discusses the risks associated with having passwords fall into the wrong hands, and identifies possible measures to assess and mitigate these risks. [read the German article]