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One Step Ahead of the Cybercriminals – Article for SMEs in “Applica” Magazine

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a popular target for cybercriminals. In the current isssue 07/2021 of Applica (available in German only), a magazine issued by the Swiss Painting and Plastering Contractor Association (SMGV), Tobias Ellenberger, COO Oneconsult AG & Vice Chairman Oneconsult International AG, provides an insight into the background and frequent attack methods and details protective measures for SMEs – as the impact of a successful cyber attack can be devastating.

New iX With Two Cover Topics From Oneconsult DFIR Team

The current issue 08/2021 of iX magazine features two cover topics from Oneconsult’s DFIR team (Digital Forensics & Incident Response): In part 10 of the Active Directory article series, Fabian Murer, Senior Digital Forensics & Incident Response Specialist, explains how logs efficiently complement hardening measures, which have already been implemented, to detect potential attacks in a timely manner. Moreover, Gregor Wegberg, Head of Digital Forensics & Incident Response, continues his IT forensics tutorial series and demonstrates how “Kroll Artifact Parser and Extractor” (KAPE), which has been introduced in the first article of the tutorial, can be used to analyse Autoruns artefacts in order to determine whether an attacker or malware has gained persistence on a system after a successful attack.

OWASP IoTGoat – Deliberately Insecure IoT Firmware

by Jakob Kunzmann

IoTGoat is intentionally vulnerable software, like that found on routers for example. Included are the most common vulnerabilities of IoT devices. The project serves to raise awareness of these vulnerabilities in order to make future generations of IoT devices and networks more secure. This article introduces both the project in general and some of the vulnerabilities.
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iX 07/2021 With New IT Forensics Tutorial

The current issue 07/2021 of iX magazine launches a new IT forensics tutorial series, in which Gregor Wegberg, Head of Digital Forensics & Incident Response, provides a detailed introduction to the Kroll Artifact Parser and Extractor (KAPE) in a total of four articles. KAPE is used in information security incidents to quickly gather relevant information for IT forensic analysis, which can then be used as the basis for assessing and managing the incident.

DFIR, Simple: Bitcoin Address as a Source of Additional Clues

by Gregor Wegberg

It happens quite often that private individuals or companies receive different types of extortion letters via various digital communication channels, first and foremost by email. Companies are threatened, for example, with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) or the compromise of their website and the theft of trade secrets as a result. Allegedly, only paying a certain amount of Bitcoins to a wallet (comparable to a bank account) can protect the company from such an attack.
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01 July 2021: Developer Week ’21 – Expert Talk About OWASP Top 10

At this year’s Developer Week, which will take place from 28 June to 2 July 2021 as a remote conference, Frank Ully, CTO Oneconsult Deutschland GmbH and Senior Penetration Tester & Security Consultant, will talk about the OWASP Top Ten: possible attacks on web applications and their causes, which measures you can use to protect your applications against such attacks and why it is essential to consider them already during developement – and not only at a later stage.

Case Study and Market Overview on Security Audits in Swiss IT Magazine

In the current issue 2021/06 of Swiss IT Magazine featuring security audits as central topic, a company for which Oneconsult performed such an audit shares its experiences. Moreover, the magazine contains a market overview with selected security audit providers, in which Oneconsult is also represented.

30 June 2021: Digicomp Hacking Day 2021

At this year’s Hacking Day, which is themed “Attack Targets 2021 – Do You Know Where Your Risk Lies?”, you can learn more about current cyber threats from experienced cyber security experts in a variety of presentations and live hacking workshops, and learn about strategies to protect yourself against potential attacks. Among the speakers will be Yves Kraft, Branch Manager Bern and Senior Penetration Tester & Security Consultant, with a live hacking workshop called “Hackademy Advanced: Cyber Attacks & Defense”.

The Hacking Day 2021 will be held as an online event on Wednesday, 30 June 2021.

The agenda with further details and registration are available on the Digicomp website.

Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Windows 10 and Windows Server – CVE-2021-31166

by Nadia Meichtry

On Patch Tuesday in May 2021, Microsoft fixed a total of 55 vulnerabilities in various Windows versions and applications. [1] Patch Tuesday occurs on the second Tuesday of each month. On this day, Microsoft releases patches or updates for their systems and products. [2]

Microsoft has classified CVE-2021-31166 as particularly dangerous. This remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability has a CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) score of 9.8 out of 10, affecting Windows 10 versions 2004 and 20H2 and Windows Server versions 2004 and 20H2. [3] A proof of concept for this vulnerability was published on 16 May 2021. [4]
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