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Cybersecurity Is Not for Lone Wolves – It Is a Team Sport

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Think back to your childhood, when you spent every minute playing volleyball, soccer, or floorball. Whatever it was, do you remember when your opponent’s attacks were more successful? That was when an individual wasn’t on top of their game or the whole team didn’t know the strategy. That is why we are convinced that cybersecurity is also a team sport. Because here, too, the commitment of everyone in the company counts. Turn the “weak employees” into a strength and the whole staff into your best weapon against cyberthreats.

The Oneconsult Security Academy is your cybersecurity hub for security novices and professionals. Our trainers not only train you, but also our own employees (including apprentices), and also teach at universities. We impart specialist knowledge for people and organizations that makes the world and themselves as a company more secure – cutting-edge, practical, and oriented to the target group. Would you like to promote the security awareness of your employees and see how a cyberattack works in live hacking demos, and find out how you can defend yourself against it? Would you like to obtain difficult certifications, develop secure software, or be systematically and efficiently trained as an ethical hacker? Whether a regular course, workshop, individual coaching/mentoring, or customized training program, with us you learn from the pros.


  • Cutting-edge
  • Practical
  • Tailored to specific target groups
  • Highly qualified trainers who also teach at universities
  • Suitable for security novices and professionals
  • Tailored to your individual needs
  • Suitable for individuals and organizations
  • Top ratings

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Stay informed on all cybersecurity topics with our Oneconsult webinars. Discover the latest developments and trends in the IT security market, keep up to date with the latest threats and learn how to protect your company effectively.

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