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DFIR, Simple: Analysis of PDF Files

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are used on a daily basis both in the working world and by private individuals. This also makes them a popular tool for cybercriminals to use in phishing attacks. They allow direct execution of scripts that can reload additional malware.


Live Operating Systems – Useful Helpers

Computers often have strange behavior that cannot always be explained right away. Just because a laptop worked flawlessly the night before does not mean that problems won’t pop up out of nowhere the next day. In most cases, these are minor problems that can be solved quickly. However, it can also happen that the computer suddenly does not boot up at all and hangs during startup.


Become a Proven Web App Penetration Tester With the Web Security Academy

What are the most common security vulnerabilities in web applications? What does an attacker need to do to find and exploit them? And how can developers protect their web applications against them? Answers to these questions as well as practical hands-on examples are provided by PortSwigger’s Web Security Academy.


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